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Leaping Beyond Yoga in Adidas Originals

Those shoes tho!! Bright purple ADIDAS Gazelles! ADIDAS Originals. I used to have a pair of Sambas in middle school that I wore like a champ. My BFF and I would switch out the shoelaces with crazy color laces about every other day. Am I showing my age? As for the space dye gray and black crop top... I recently discovered the brand, Beyond Yoga. Actually now that i think about itl... I have just recently been getting better about consistently practicing yoga. When I lived in NYC I would often go to a hot yoga place called MODO Yoga in the West Village. But that was only a few times a month. MOGA is awesome. Now that I'm living in Bondi Beach/Sydney I practice at Yoga by the Sea, Body Mind Life, Dharma Shala, and YogaBar. Definitely recommend all of them! Scroll down to shop the look!

PHOTOS: Anna Kooiman, Charlotte NC, Rick Belden Photography

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New York City Stunts, Tanks, and Tights

Stunts, tanks, and tights in New York City! I lived in the West Village four of the five years I worked in New York City. Which meant almost everyday (that I wasn't traveling) I walked my Baxter Bear to Washington Square Park. It's an iconic spot, always bustling with something interesting. From the buskers to the human statues... to the pigeon tamer... to the bubble lady... to the chess players... to the political activists... to the locals walking their pups or pushing their strollers... it's a fabulous place for people watching. And because it's so unique... I didn't look a bit out of place jumping from the fountain or climbing the light poles during this photo shoot! ;-)  I believe it is the best neighborhood in Manhattan. Best for me anyway! I'm wearing one of my go-to fitness outfits in this look. The strappy, blue, fitted tank is by Lululemon. So are the black compression tights. The aqua watch is by Nixon. The black and fuchsia kicks are by Nike. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to shop the looks... all handpicked by me!

PHOTO: Anna Kooiman, New York City, Washington Square Park, Lydia Hudgens

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Black Crops and High Waisted Tights Turn Your World Upside Down

Life is more fun when you have time to play!

Black crop tops and high waisted tights will turn your world upside down! Why? Because they are a confident and fitness fashion forward look... while also remaining an exercise attire classic! The crop I'm wearing is from 305 Fitness. It's one of my absolute favorite fitness studios in NYC... in the USA.... in the world!! If you get the chance to go... you will dance like nobody is watching. A live DJ will spin Miami inspired beats in a club-like atmosphere. The high waisted, ankle height black tights are from LuLuLemon. The kicks are from Nike. The aqua sports watch is by Nixon.  Scroll down and get the looks from ShopStyleCollective, handpicked by me!

PHOTOS: Anna Kooiman, New York City, Washington Square Park, Lydia Hudgens

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Purple Confetti Dance Crop

This purple confetti dance crop is da bomb! Sometimes activewear prints can be off-putting if you ask me... But The Upside has some memorable florals in particular that I think really meet the mark. PHOTO: Anna Kooiman, North Bondi, Lyndon Marceau

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