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Busking with the Best in NYC's Washington Square Park

I don't know how I forgot to post these stunt pics from my last New York City photoshoot while I was home visiting. (This was clearly pre baby bumping!) They are so fun and funny! I fit right in with all the buskers and crazies in Washington Square Park doing acrobatics under the arch... jumping off the fountain... and spiderman style climbing lamp posts! If you like the all black look that helped me blend in with the buskers.... scroll down below.... head to toe Nike, Nixon, and Lululemon! 

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Puppy Lovin: Matching Activewear

When you love your dog so much... You start to look alike... AND... Dress alike!!! I have never had a matching doggie outfit for Baxter and me. In fact he's only ever had one jacket that he would wear in New York City on snowy days that were 19 degrees F or below! But this is just too cute! Actually, I think his jacket is kinda hard core and the mesh sports bra and mesh panel running tights have a sexy look. We look like we're about to go to a bike rally, hot club, or cool concert! OR have a good workout here in Australia! The outfits are from a brand called Active Creatures. Check em out if you want a matching look. Or check out the black mesh goodies I've picked for us humans. ;-) 

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Cozy and Looking at 'The Upside' in Trendy Gray Sweatshirt

Isn't it nice to just CHILL! As the temps are heating up in the USA they are cooling down in Australia. I'm still getting used to the opposing seasons! Fortunately... very often after a chilly night... the sunshine warms up during the afternoons and it's back to short shorts and tank tops! I'm really digging the patches on this trendy gray sweatshirt by The Upside. The leggings are also by The Upside. The pink tassel/fan earrings are from the Bondi Markets here in Oz. PHOTO: Anna Kooiman, North Bondi, Lyndon Marceau

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