Neutral Tones and Sequins in NYC's West Village

Anna Kooiman Neutral Sequins Standing tall with Louis Vuitton Small White Bag Michael Kors Gold Heels New York City Lydia Hudgens
Anna Kooiman NYC West Village sequins neutral tones dress Louis Vuitton Dress Gold Michael Kors scrappy sandals looking out New York City Lydia Hudgens

Neutral tones and sequins are an unsuspecting yet perfect pair. Classy and elegant with a touch of pizazz. The neutral tones mute the scream that sparkle can sometimes bring... the kind that causes a dress to enter the room before the woman. It's all about the lady in the dress... not the other way around, right!? The under layer of this dress is nude in color. That hue combined with its fitted nature, keeps the tailored look, despite having a looser overlay.

I declare (Do I sound Southern or what?! ;-)) I will wear this dress until the sequins fall off! I've probably worn it too many times as is. It was a West Village staple while I was living there. Hey! If there are different people at the events you're going to... and the dress is a hit... Do you really have to wear something new every time!? Every time I got to give it to Good Will... I think... I'll just wear it ONE more time and then I'll take it! Do you have any dresses like that?

Check out my handpicked goodies below. As always... let me know on social media if you find something that jives with your style!

Anna Kooiman West Village NYC Sequin Dress Neutral Tones Louis Vuitton  Wristlet New York City Lydia Hudgens

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