Plum Dress with Black Leather Accents

Anna Kooiman Australia TV Paul Murray 17 May 2017 Sky News Australia

This plum dress with black leather accents around the shoulders is super classy. It's by Amy Matto. The cut is form fitting yet forgiving. It hits just above the knee. I had the opportunity to go on Sky News Australia's number one show again last night. Paul Murray is a really good broadcaster and is so welcoming every time I'm on his set. As far as the rest of the look goes.... the plum pumps and black leather bracelet are both from Jcrew. The large, crystal, post earrings are from Anthropologie.  Scroll down to get similar looks for your own wardrobe!

Anna Kooiman Paul Murray Sky News Australia 17 May 2017
Anna Kooiman Paul Murray Sam Crosby 17 May 2017
Anna Kooiman Sky News Australia 17 May 2017