Jogging with Baby, What is the Proper Age and Weight?

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Jogging, running, jumping, bounding, frolicking, prancing! These are all things I enjoyed for 33 years before having a baby. I have always lived an active lifestyle… from teaching my group exercise classes, to running marathons, to dancing, to simply enjoying the movements themselves. So being pregnant and recovering from childbirth cramped my style (but in the best of ways of course).

I don’t know about all of you strong, sexy, mamas out there… but the way my swollen breastfeeding boobies, separated abs, and weakened pelvic floor were feeling, I didn’t even want to think about jogging, running, jumping, bounding, frolicking, or prancing until about 5 months postpartum. I also didn’t think Brooks had developed enough to be ready for all the jostling a jog/run would entail. I decided not to jog with him until recently.

If you’re a new mom ready to run, make sure you body has knitted itself back together post-delivery. Dr. Jill Gamberg of Double Bay Doctors in Australia says, “The return to impact or intense exercise may be as early as 16 weeks (if there are no medical issues) but may take up to 6 to 12 months to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles enough to return to exercises like running, dancing, skipping or jumping.    

Intense exercises like sit-ups, planks, hovers, and curl-ups are not recommended exercises for mums after childbirth, as they can place pressure on the recovering lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

A review with a women’s health physiotherapist for abdominal and pelvic floor muscle testing before returning to high-impact exercise, running, sport or abdominal exercise programs, is a great idea.”

Brooks is now 9 months old. We started using a BOB jogging stroller a few weeks ago and are absolutely loving it! It is super sporty looking, isn’t it!? Well, that’s because it is super sporty! It’s very aerodynamic compared to my big, everyday stroller. Don’t get me wrong, I love what the everyday stroller offers for cruising around Bondi since it is such a walkable community. But when I want to get my heart rate up for a good jog, the BOB stroller is where it’s at, y’all!

Along with trying to decide when it’s time as a mama to go back to running, and figure out when baby is ready for a little extra speed in his stroll, etc… there are so many characteristics to keep in mind when purchasing a jogging stroller. I interviewed a rep from BOB. Take a look!

1. ANNA: When is it safe for mom to start using a jogging stroller?

BOB: The BOB Revolution PRO Stroller is suitable for newborn babies when the parent is WALKING only. BOB recommends babies to be at least 8 months old before running or jogging. Babies develop their head and neck muscles differently, so check with your paediatrician before running with your child in a jogging stroller. It’s also important for new parents to know that they should LOCK the front wheel of their jogging stroller when running. It’s helps the stroller roll safely over any bumps in the road.

3. ANNA: Can jogging strollers be used as everyday strollers?

BOB: It certainly can be used as an everyday stroller when you follow the above guide, to versatile off road and great for on road fitness. The swivelling front wheel gives you the manoeuvrability for every day life.

3. ANNA: Why do most jogging strollers only have three wheels?

BOB: A three wheel stroller gives you less obstacles that can slow you down during a run. While the front of a jogging stroller is a single wheel, it’s important that it’s also a fixed front wheel for stability and to easily roll right over any bumps along the way.

4. ANNA: What should new moms look for when buying their first jogging stroller?

BOB: #1 – Make sure that the front wheel can be locked forward for running. #2 – Look for one with a front wheel that can both swivel (for everyday) and lock forward for running. #3- Big roomy seat, with a weight capacity of 75 lbs. Kids grow fast and the higher weight capacity strollers will last you longer. #4 – Smooth push. It should glide!! #5 – Adjustable suspension system that gets tighter and adjusts for when your child gets heavier. #6 – Adjustable handlebar for you and your partner, regardless of your height. #7 – Big wide, full canopy to block for shade. #8 – Reflectivity for when you run early morning or late evening. #9 – Does it fit in your vehicle trunk?

5. ANNA: What makes the BOB stroller different than others?

BOB: BOB stroller have been especially designed with fit parents in mind, whether for fitness, easy strolling or fast and far hard-core running, BOB will literally be with you all the way! The adjustable suspension system can grow with your child to ensure a smooth ride as they get heavier.. BOB’s seating capacity is 75 lbs/34kg … that’s a 6 year old! The extra-large canopy shades your child. The BOB’s Lunar fashion gives a runner all the reflectivity they would need.

6.. ANNA: Anything you would like to add?

BOB: Research shows us that parents own 3 -4 strollers in their parenting journey. With a compatible infant car seat adapter and an infant car seat, BOB strollers can be easily converted to be your baby’s first travel system, for walking only. As they grow, BOB strollers have a seat weight capacity of 75lbs/34kg, which could possibly accommodate up to a 6 year old child!! Your BOB stroller could possibly be the only stroller you ever buy.

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