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Exercise After Childbirth, When is it Safe to Start?

Baby Brooks has just turned 9 months old. I am feeling good about the progress I have made and want to help you too! I have very careful to train correctly and not do too much too soon in an effort to get my body back. I did a lot of research. And what I found, is that in the early stages, what we need more than anything else is REST! Think about what our bodies have just been through. It’s strange to think about childbirth as an injury or trauma. But in many ways that’s what our body has been through. It is an incredible phenomenon isn’t it? There is nothing I am more proud of physically doing more than childbirth. Not the New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, triathlons, etc. No way. This takes the cake. So hats off to all of you women out there who have been through it or want to go through it!

I am going to spend a lot of time on my blog talking about women’s fitness and how to get where we want to be emotionally and physically post-baby. It is a tough road. But I found ways to make it fun. I want to share them with you.

In the meantime, I want you to take a listen to the interview below about postnatal fitness. When is it time return to which exercises? How can we tell? We don’t want to wheeee ourselves accidentally do we?! We don’t want to make our abs separation and pelvic floor damage worse do we!? Do we need to see a specialist of some sort? So many questions swirling in our minds about getting our body and independence back. But with all the time we need to spend nurturing our bubs, how do we find time to research? How do we find time to put in the effort? I am making this my mission. I am here to help. There is a TON of great content on in both the fitness and motherhood/baby tabs. Be sure to check them out after you watch the video below! Dr. Jill Gamberg shares her top tips for getting back into fitness after having a baby, the SAFE way.

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Kooiman Kardio Launches in Sydney, Australia

Kooiman Kardio has launched in Sydney, Australia (Anna Kooiman Group Fitness Class). Kooiman Kardio is a fat blasting cardio workout that fuses hip hop dancing, kickboxing, and athletic drills. The atmosphere is electric and includes a laser show! You will define lean muscles through High Intensity Interval Training. The class is choreographed to the beat of the music but it repeats often enough that even non-dancers catch on and have a great time. You will feel more like you are at a dance club than a fitness club. Anna’s energy is unmatched. Come check it out!! Online version coming soon! Watch this space!

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