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Escaping Sydney Winter for Tropical Queensland

Another Aussie weekend away... but this time no coats, hats, or scarves are necessary! I'm escaping the Sydney winter weather (which is still quite beautiful) for some for some Queensland tropical weather! The Great Barrier Reef is near the top of my bucket list, so the anticipation is building for the coral and fish I'll be seeing tomorrow! My Aussie hubby hasn't been since he was a teenager so this will be a real treat for both of us!I'll make sure to share some snaps on social media and post a Cairns travel blog next week! Do you like this cute paddle suit by The Upside? This may be the first one I've worn, certainly the most fashionable! I've shared some looks below. Enjoy! Don't forget to drop me a line if you pick up one of them!

Photo: Lyndon Marceau

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Paddle Suits to Keep You Swimming Cozy on Chilly Days

This is the first 'paddle suit' I've ever put on. I never even knew they had a name. But I LOVE it! Perfect to keep ya warm on those days you wanna go swimming but the water and/or air is a little too chilly for your liking. They are great for outdoor watersports like surfing and kayaking. I've also seen a lot of moms with young kids wearing them around Bondi Beach. Perfect for chasing little ones up and down the sandy coastline and getting in the water with them. I've noticed kids seem to not feel the cold, right!?! Wish we did't grow out of that!

The paddle suit I'm wearing in this picture is from The Upside. A lot of surf brands also sell paddle suits.

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