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Anna Kooiman April 2018

Anna Kooiman is an American born, international TV host currently working in Australia. She married an Aussie and moved to Sydney in September of 2016. The couple just had their first child January 22, 2018.

Anna Kooiman April 2018

Kooiman has a strong broadcasting background and was a major player at Fox News Channel in New York City for 5 years. She landed the job as one of the network's youngest on-air hires - at the age of 27. Kooiman hosted the number one weekend cable morning show in the world, Fox and Friends. Along with anchoring the four hour show, Kooiman traveled around the USA reporting on breaking news, terror attacks, tornadoes, blizzards, political debates, etc. She also showed off her cheeky and adventurous side in a franchise called, 'Road Trip with Anna Kooiman' where she would cross off bucket list items. Kooiman wowed viewers by taking a high rise dip in Boston Harbor with the Red Bull Cliff Diving Team, singing karaoke in Nashville with country music sensations, taking batting practice with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley field, putting out fires with the FDNY, stunt flying with the Air National Guard, catching waves with professional surfers in California, running the NYC and Boston marathons for charity, etc. 

Anna Kooiman April 2018

Kooiman also helped host FNC's New Year's Eve programming for several years. 

Anna Kooiman NYC April 2018

FNC continues to bring Kooiman back to the network for domestic and international coverage. Kooiman recently reported from Seoul, South Korea after having toured the DMZ while tensions between the US and North Korea were growing red hot.

For the second year in a row, Kooiman has been asked to host the network's special patriotic programming around 2018's Independence Day Weekend, "Proud American."  

Anna Kooiman April 2018 New York City

In Australia Kooiman is a panelist, fill-in morning host, fill-in entertainment host, and contributor on several national shows. Appearances include the Aussie Today Show, The Project, Studio Ten, and Sky News. Kooiman is also an official ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Australia.

Kooiman's on-air personality is easy going, witty, energetic, confident, empathetic, and trustworthy. Kooiman is always prepared and up to speed on the latest headlines making news.

Before anchoring for Fox News Channel, Kooiman anchored and reported for FOX Charlotte, NBC in Toledo, OH, and ABC in Wilmington, NC (where she won two Associated Press Awards).






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Anna Kooiman April 2018
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Anna Kooiman April 2018
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