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Strong Sexy Mammas is an online fitness membership and information resource created by American TV host and certified Women's Fitness Specialist, Anna Kooiman. Strong Sexy Mammas is all about using exercise to help moms like you get your groove back, both physically and emotionally. 

Participants can pick and choose from a range of workout formats and lengths. Sessions last as little as 4 minutes and as long as 40 minutes. We cover strength, cardio, stretching, pelvic floor, and abdominal reconditioning. Some workouts involve your child, others do not. The classes are good for both new mothers and those with older children. Any workouts involving children can be performed using bodyweight or a weight instead.

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Anna shares how she quickly got her flat tummy back, using exercises recommended by medical professionals. Click the WELLNESS TIPS tab for interviews with doctors and a women's health physiotherapist.

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Since becoming pregnant and now a new mom, Anna spent a lot of time interviewing doctors and women’s health experts about prenatal and postnatal issues. Anna discovered the majority of new moms have some degree of abs separation and/or pelvic floor weakness, but many don’t even know it. 

After giving birth, Anna realized how much her fitness needs had changed upon entering motherhood. This is why Anna created Strong Sexy Mammas, at-home workouts, and encourages moms to rehab with a women’s physiotherapist like she did. Anna currently teaches fitness classes at Bondi Beach (Australia’s fitness mecca and most iconic beach). She also continues to do a significant amount of TV freelancing both in the USA and Australia. Anna is a college athlete, marathon runner, and triathlete. But the thing she is most proud of, is being a mom!

IMPORTANT: Anna is a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist, not a member of the medical community. She believes women ought to be learning more about postnatal fitness and uses her platform and journalism background to augment the research new moms should be doing on their own. You can find a lot of interviews with members of the medical community on this website. Each woman is different. Each pregnancy is different. Each postnatal experience is different. This is why Anna recommends women take the extra time to check in with a doctor or women’s physiotherapist regularly when beginning and participating in fitness routines. It goes without saying, but Anna of course recommends following all instructions from the makers of your baby carrier and getting clearance from your child’s doctor before involving them in exercise.

Unlike some fitness celebrities, and social media fitness stars, Anna is not an advocate for rushing into hard core routines, but instead believes easing back into fitness, regularly checking in with medical experts, and finally, really turning up the dial once rehabbed and cleared by doctors. Anna recommends new moms do more than the traditional 6 week postnatal doctor checkup. She believes they also ought to make at least one appointment with a women’s physiotherapist for extra guidance and rehab before starting any exercise program. Anna also believes if our society spoke more about pelvic floor and deep core health, women would be better served for long term health.