How to Survive Mealtime with Kids

Dinnertime for moms can be stressful no matter what the age of our kids. Am I right? Making sure our little ones are nourished with healthy, nutrient dense food can be a challenge in our busy lives. Since becoming a mother this year, I have found several ways to survive mealtime. Take a look at this video for a few of my mamma tips.

Tip #1… No Screens! Even at 7.5 months when we recorded this video, Brooks was so drawn to screens. Smart phones, tablets, televisions, Apple watches, etc. It’s still the same today. So we try very hard to limit the time he is exposed. And we have a hard rule, no screens when we are trying to feed him. I have to keep them off so he stays interested.

Tip #2… Eat your greens! Lead by example and your kids will follow. Sneak them in if you have to. With purees, Brooks seems to like apples and pears more than zucchini and broccoli. So when I make them at home I almost always add in a little fruit to give it a naturally sweeter flavor. It works every time! As the kids get older it’s a great idea to sneak vegetables in wherever we can as well. Even if they are asking for pizza, sneak in some veggies as toppings. But hide them under the cheese!

Tip #3… Get the kids involved! When Brooks is older, I plan to take him to the grocery store to pick out all the yummies. And then have him help me cook dinner in the kitchen. I think when kids feel like they are part of the process they are more likely to be proud of what they’ve made, and scarf it right up!

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