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Preggo Go To: Long Sweater and Maternity Leggings

Over the next few days I'll be showing off a few ways to style the bump while wearing non-maternity clothes. It can get a bit pricey to purchase a whole new wardrobe... particularly when you're only going to be wearing it for a few months. So for my moms-to-be.... I hope the next few posts give you some ideas to pinch some pennies!

 I just got back some New York City snaps from a few weeks ago (I was about 26 weeks pregnant). The photoshoot was with Anton Lombardi in collaboration with KK Bloom Boutique. About this particular look, owner, Kendrick Allen says, "Adding length and a little cold shoulder is super cozy and extra flattering."  For me, it's pretty basic. Leggings and a long, loose top is a no brainer. Unfortunately it's not just our bellies that get bigger... our bums too! The longer top is great on days we aren't feeling like attracting echoes of Sir Mix a Lot!

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