'TRAINERR' App: Uber Meets Tinder for Personal Training?

I just had a great chat with one of the New Zealand based founders of a new fitness app that bills itself as the Uber meets Tinder for personal training! Did I spike your interest? Nader Luthera tells me the TRAINERR app is currently available in NZ and AUS and his company plans to take this app to the USA soon. It sounds like a great concept. The above YouTube video does a nice job explaining how it works.

If you want an easy way to find and pay a personal trainer this may be the app of the future for you. It will work great if you're in a spontaneous mood and don't wanna leave your hood, you need a consistent trainer before or after work, you wanna find a trainer that will lead you through workouts in your desired setting (ex- specific gym, park, beach), etc.... Luthera says TRAINERR app is great for those scenarios and so many more!

Also... if you're a personal trainer looking to drum up some extra business and want a convenient way to do financial transactions... you oughtta check out the new TRAINERR too. It is very much a start-up... but the faster folks get onboard (personal trainers and clients)... the easier it will be to use the app.

Below is a Q and A I did with Nader Luthera, co-founder and angel investor of TRAINERR (FURM GROUP LTD - New Zealand).

1. Who is the Trainerr app for... and how does it work?

Trainerr is an innovative mobile app providing On Demand Personal Training like never before. Through the app users can quickly and easily find or invite their Personal Trainer, see their availability, book in a session, chat with them and even complete payments seamlessly through our secure payment system. Its the "Uber meets Tinder" for Personal Training!

2. Why do you think this is a niche in the market that you can fill?

We are absolutely in the niche market game, however, Trainerr solves a real obvious and big enough problem to go after. Currently, the process to find, engage, check availability and book a Personal Trainer is not easy, quite tedious and really time consuming. I thought up the idea whilst coworking around the world (another passion project). 

3. How much does it cost the trainer and how much does it cost the client?

The app is 100% free to download. As we are in Beta mode our charges are subject to adjustments. We are an On Demand service so we currently charge a low fixed price booking fee to clients per session booked. A small service fee percentage is also deducted from the Trainerrs session price earned. We're trying to keep costs as low as possible whilst focusing on giving back convenience and quality tech innovation.

4. Where is the service available?

iPhone app here: http://apple.co/2kVGkja

Google Play Android app here: https://goo.gl/vCTLUD

5. When will it be available widespread?
We're available in New Zealand and Australia with USA coming soon. We are exploring Pre Series A / Series A investment opportunities so we can take things to the next level. Its a really exciting product which has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the health and fitness + personal training community so far.

6. It seems like a great idea! Being a fitness start-up... how did you make the big decision to take the plunge?

Thanks! Representing FURM Group, I'm 100% focused on disruption, innovation and ideation. Health & Fitness is an industry I'm incredibly passionate about and this is my second Health & Fitness startup (LeanPasta.co.nz being my first). Its a really positive, truly global and high growth industry to be a part of. 

7. Anything else you would like to share?!

Investors, Personal Trainers or Health & Fitness enthusiasts interested in learning more or being a part of our journey can contact me via LinkedIn or Angel.co




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