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Recipe! Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop Pecans: A Kooiman Family Tradition

It's that time of year again when the calories don't count!!!!!! Yay! Eat what you want! That's the rule I'm going to live by as I take on my Aussie Christmas feast in Sydney this year. And to make me feel home for the holidays I made several batches of a famous Kooiman family sweet treat.... Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop Pecans!

Being that I am just wrapping up my 8th month of pregnancy, I am VERY excited to be using the excuse... "I'm eating for two" when it comes to this Kooiman Christmas staple.

During my time in New York City hosting Fox and Friends, producers sent me home one year to make the pecans, chat with my mom, dad, & bro about our North Carolina traditions, and pay a visit to the family biz. To WATCH the video, click here.

Every year growing up I would help my mom bake batches and batches and batches. Then during several busy holiday weekends, I would walk around the Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop serving the customers the famous pecans along with shortbread and hot apple cider.

So what are these special pecans I speak of!? Quite possibly the best Christmas goodie on the planet! The treats are great with ice cream and pie for dessert, they are a decadent sweet potato soufflé topper, a divine salad cruncher, and the old faithful way to eat them is just as a standalone, festive snack.

You should try them out! Here is the recipe:

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