Learn to Kick Like a NYC Rockette

Legs for days! These Radio City Rockettes are world renown for their annual Christmas Spectacular! People travel from all over the globe to New York City to see them.

The ladies tell me the tradition has been around for more than 80 years… they got started in 1933. For many of these dancin’ machines… it’s been a dream to be part of the team since they were little girls. After making the cut they tell me it’s a grueling training regime because they have to be in tip top shape. In fact they say they train all year, keep a healthy lifestyle, and commit to be fit. Here’s why! The dancers say they do 200 shows during their 7 week holiday run. They do up to 6 shows a day. And do about 300 kicks per show. So they are pretty much always kicking and dancing! How many Red Bulls would most of us need? Energy much?!?

I asked the ladies about the height requirement people always talk about that’s associated with the famous Rockettes. They say there is a minimum and a maximum… but although everyone appears to be the same height on stage…. it’s an optical illusion… that they actually range from 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 10.5.

Want to learn how to kick like they do? I did… so watch here.

So here’s how to do their legendary strut kick… As they stand in line… they put their right hand on the upper part of their neighbor’s back… but as they link up they say they but don’t actually even touch their left hand to the lower back of their other neighbor… Can you imagine what kind of abs these ladies have too! Dang! It takes a lot of core strength and a lot of sparkle to be a Radio City Rockette. I’m honored I got to hang out with them while I was at Fox News in NYC... and learn a bit of the ropes of this American holiday tradition.