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Koala Cuddles and Kangaroo Kisses at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

It's a zoo... with a view! An incredible view at that. The Taronga Zoo overlooks the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Walking into the park we are greeted by giraffes grazing in the sunshine. They are a real crowd favorite. But my main reason for coming to Taronga? Koalas and kangaroos. The zookeepers are giving us an incredible experience. You ready for this!? A meet and greet with some of their animal ambassadors. It's feeding time for not just the koalas and kangaroos... but the emus... swamp wallabies... and quokkas. They are all feeling 'snacky' too! ;-) We're in for a real treat! Check out the above video to see what it's like to interact with these unique animals!

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