Safety Considerations for Involving Baby in Exercise

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If you’re looking for safety considerations for involving babies in exercise, read on for my interview with a doctor.

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I love sharing my passion for fitness, making it fun, and accessible for moms like you! Some of the workouts include babies into the exercises. Others do not. My motivating classes are meant to not only help you slim down, but boost your mood. I am merging my online following and local fitness community in Sydney (from the group exercise classes I teach) to help moms get their groove back physically and emotionally after having kids. I teach ‘Mums and Bubs’ classes in Bondi Beach at BUF Girls and Speedo Fitness Club. I see how much fitness empowers my participants during this transitional stage in life. Becoming a mother is amazing, but also challenging and frustrating at times. It can be hard when we look in the mirror after giving birth and not recognizing the body we see. It is an incredible body. We birthed a tiny human for crying out loud! We should honor that body. Give it the time it needs to heal, and then begin an exercise regimen appropriate for our specific needs. Always consult you and you child’s doctors. I am an AFAA certified fitness instructor, motivator, and fit girlfriend by your side, not a medical expert. I am using my journalism background to help you hear from an array of medical experts. I have a lot of interviews with women’s health professionals here that I hope you find helpful! This particular post includes safety considerations for involving babies in exercise.

I have asked Dr. Jill Gamberg of Double Bay Doctors about what safety considerations she recommends to her clients involving babies in exercise. Dr. Gamberg is a mother of two and also takes my fitness classes in Sydney.

Dr. Jill Gamberg, Mother of 2, GP at Double Bay Doctors

Dr. Jill Gamberg, Mother of 2, GP at Double Bay Doctors

Dr. Gamberg: “There are a few things to be mindful of when involving baby in new exercise.  If you are going to use a baby carrier, you need to make sure that your baby’s airway is protected, and that they are not at risk of suffocation.  You must check on them often.

A baby starts to have some head/neck control around 6-8 weeks, but much better control around 4-6 months.  If you use them as a weight, they must have head control before holding them away from your body without head support.  You must also be mindful when placing baby in a sling or carrier, and only place them forward facing once they have full head control.

As your baby grows and becomes heavier, you need to make sure you consider whether this is an appropriate weight for you during exercise.  You do not want to hurt yourself and lift too heavy before you are ready.”

anna kooiman strong sexy mammas

The information on and is general in nature, but not one size fits all. To get the full picture, it is important to see a reputable women’s health physiotherapist or doctor.

Be your own advocate. Take control of your own health. Do your own research. See an expert. Get your groove back!

Check out what the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has to say about exercise after pregnancy.