Baxter Update

@SirBaxterBear Licking Mama Anna Kooiman on Wedding Day

I have been counting down the days until my Baxter Bear gets to be with me here in Bondi Beach, Australia. A lot of you have asked about Baxter on social media. And I haven't wanted to talk about it much because it is so hard. It is a painstaking process. My heart aches when I think about the quarantine regulations. But I understand why they are in order. Australia is a wondrous place with unique and protected ecosystems and leaders want to keep it that way. The strict conditions are designed to manage biosecurity risks. But Baxter is a lovable 100 pound yellow lab. He is truly one of a kind. And Australia should be jumping at the chance to let him in! LOL

Sir Baxter Bear Having a Moment with Mama Anna Kooiman on Wedding Day

Baxter is in a great spot tho and I have no doubt he is a happy and content boy. I miss him a lot more than he misses me! He's staying with one of my best friends in the world in California. He has a big house with space... doggies to play with... and a nice backyard. And my friend is seriously like the dog whisperer... so he's in great hands.

Bax is just riding out the remainder of the 6 month process that involves a lot of vaccines... and blood work... and testing. As it stands now... he will fly to Melbourne at the end of February. He will stay in a quarantine facility (the only one in Oz) for 10 days. My husband and I will fly to Melbourne to get him the first week of March. Can you imagine the reunion!? Lots of kisses and licks. ;-) We'll then have him jump in a rental car with us and drive 550 miles/ 10+ hours to Sydney. And then finally... FINALLY he will be in our new home!

Happy Boy Sir Baxter Bear with Mama Anna Kooiman on Wedding Day

It will all be worth it once he gets to run on the sand... and then come cuddle up with me once he's all tuckered out. ;-) Can't wait! Love him so much!

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