Big Move! New Website! Let's Keep in Touch!


How ya feelin!?! I have missed you so much since my big move from television in New York City! Let's keep in touch. I'm so happy you found me here. I'm getting settled into my new home at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia with my husband. I have a few career irons in the fire... but nothing can happen for several months. During this time I'm getting back to my roots and doing what has made me happy for so many years... before my TV career kicked into high gear... NYC style. Thank you for joining me as I relive some of the coolest trips I have taken all over the world, distance races I've competed in, news stories I've covered, and fitness methods I've used to help folks lose weight, get energized, or get their sexy back. My hope is that this lifestyle blog dares you to dream... inspires you to take on new life adventures... and welcomes you to travel along with me on mine! xoxo