Fox and Friends: A Special Baby Announcement

In the early hours after giving birth to my first born son, Brooks, I chose to use a belly wrap. I have read a lot about them and have friends who swear it has helped them get their 'inside bits back in order!' A woman's uterus needs to shrink back to its usual size and the bands are supposed to help. Critics say it is unnecessary because women have been having babies for the ages with out wrapping their bellies. But several friends have also told me the wraps have helped their tummies flatten out faster and that it's been good for building better posture. I have been wearing mine quite religiously and have noticed positive results. My doctor actually recommended that I wear mine while I begin gently easing into my new fitness routine. So far so good!  Below you will find a Q and A I've done with the three sisters behind the ever popular brand, Belly Bandit.

Brooks getting an international welcome via the number one cable morning show in the world, Fox and Friends. A very big thank you to my colleagues at Fox News in New York City for the most lovely way to announce the birth of my first born child, Brooks Kooiman Stuckey. My heart is absolutely exploding!!!

Anna Kooiman fox and friends baby announcement