How to Choose the Perfect Nursing Chair

Photos: Anna Kooiman, Bondi Beach, Australia, Chris Prestidge

Photos: Anna Kooiman, Bondi Beach, Australia, Chris Prestidge

I am starting to pull everything together for my nursery and I've heard from so many friends, "Make sure you get a good chair! Your booty will glued to it for the foreseeable future!" LOL

Anna Kooiman maternity pregnancy pregnant australia fashion fitness travel lifestyle  photo chris prestidge bcbg tony bianco erika lyons bondi beach sydney
Anna Kooiman maternity pregnancy pregnant australia fashion fitness travel lifestyle  photo chris prestidge bcbg tony bianco erika lyons bondi beach sydney

At my parents' house in North Carolina, we have a beautiful wooden rocking chair that helped hush my brother and me to sleep when we were babies. I've been envisioning something similar for my own baby boy on the way, but also wanted something a little more cushy for the 'tushy!'

I looked all over Sydney, and all over an incredibly expansive, mommy site, Tinitrader, before finding a beautiful chair from an Aussie company called Life of Style. It is a French inspired rocking chair, made of grey linen blend fabric, solid oak legs, and bronze stud detailing. It is a substational chair but will also fit in our limited space. My husband and I live at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the best locations in the world, but we definitely sacrifice space in a big way in order to live here. I also wanted to make sure the there would be enough space for an ottoman to go with the rocker. Going into my 8th month of pregnancy, I've already been nursing sore feet. I'm guessing these puppies will want some elevating post delivery too! This Life of Style rocking chair and tufted ottoman are going to be perfect!
Anna Kooiman how to choose the perfect nursing chair what to look for when picking a nursing chair

Below is an interview with Life of Style founder, Melissa Cannizzaro about how to choose the perfect nursing chair.

ANNA: New mothers spend a large amount of time in the nursing chairs, particularly in the early months. What are the main types of nursing chairs you recommend? (Ex. Rocking, gliding, stationary, reclining, etc)

MELISSA: A rocking chair would be the best option, especially in those first few months when your days are consumed with the feeding and sleeping routine of a new baby. A comfortable rocking chair will offer respite to a weary body whilst giving you the chance to rock your baby gently to sleep if you need to. I didn't have a rocking chair when I had my girls and I found that when nursing them I would find myself patting, bouncing or swaying them in a stationary chair to soothe them – not ideal! 

ANNA: New mom’s often get sore backs, is there a particular angle, height, cushion, armrest, etc to look for?

MELISSA: There are definitely a lot of aspects to look for in a nursing chair. You want the right height armrests to allow room to move or to place a pillow under your arm if need be, you want the right seat padding so that your toosh is comfy, the right density in foam in the backrest to allow back support yet comfort and the right amount of rocking motion so that you don’t feel like you about to launch off the floor. I have a lot of customers comment that some other rocking chairs/arm chairs backrest only go as high as their shoulders. I think it’s pretty important to be able to rest your head back and relax so this is definitely something to look for. A lumbar pillow is also something that can provide extra lower back support for those long nursing nights. All these factors have been considered in Life of Style’s range which is why our products have a top layer of duck feather in the seat cushion, a higher backrest and a come with a complimentary lumbar pillow.

ANNA: If space is a consideration, what type do you think is best?

MELISSA: Our Alba Rocking Chair, with its slim design is a good option if you don't have a lot of space.  

ANNA: Neutral colors and white fabric look lovely in nurseries but can also get dirty. Any tips for keeping them clean? 

MELISSA: I always recommend that my customers Scotchguard their new chair to ensure the fabric is protected. That way if it does get marked, a simple spot clean should easily get rid of it. Another option is getting a professional steam clean once a year to get even a white fabric chair back to as new condition. 

ANNA: Functionality is important, but of course style is too. How do you recommend your clients find the perfect fit for their house and bub?

Life of Style Pictures: Sparrow Creative

Life of Style Pictures: Sparrow Creative

MELISSA: It’s always good to try out different styles before making a final decision. It's an investment piece which you will use often even after the baby is grown so you want to ensure you find the perfect one. I would always recommend doing your research, visiting other stores, trying stationary, gliding, reclining and rocking chairs to see which one you are most comfortable in. Once you have that sorted, search for your preferred style (i.e wooden, modern, provincial). My Melbourne customers are encouraged to come and view the range in my warehouse space prior to purchase.   

ANNA: Why did you start your small business and why it is fulfilling on a personal level? 

MELISSA: I was in the process of purchasing furniture for my Victorian-style townhouse in 2015 and was trying to source the perfect arm chair for my study. Unfortunately I couldn't find what I wanted without having to spend upwards of $1000 and couldn't really justify that kind of price tag. I decided to source and ship in a range of French wing back armchairs and I on-sold the rest quite quickly and realised there was a market for this kind of chair. I also had a few people ask if I had the style in a rocking chair so decided to design the Alba Rocking Chair which is our most popular seller. My business objective is to provide a friendly, personal service and sell beautiful, good quality product at an affordable price which judging by the feedback from my customers, I am delivering and they are appreciating. It’s very rewarding being a part of such a special time with the impending birth and nursery preparation, even in such a small way. 

ANNA: How would you describe the style of your furniture? And what inspired you to choose that style?

MELISSA: My nursery chair range I would describe as traditional/provincial. I've always had a love of provincial style decor so I decided to create the range with the french inspired design with a more modern/traditional edge.

Anna Kooiman life of style how to choose the perfect nursing chair best nursing chair best rocking chair

ANNA: Anything you would like to add?

MELISSA: While the LIFE OF STYLE is best known for our rocking chairs, we actually source a complete range of furniture which can be made to order.

BIO: Melissa Cannizzaro is the owner/operator of online furniture business Life of Style Australia. Specialising in stylish nursery chairs, the range also includes traditional and provincial style furniture made to order. Melissa is also a part time book keeper and busy mom of 2.

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Photos: Anna Kooiman, Bondi Beach, Australia, Chris Presitdge,  Dress: BCBG  Earrings and Bracelet: J.Crew  Heels: Tony Bianco  Bag: Erika Lynn Handmade

Photos: Anna Kooiman, Bondi Beach, Australia, Chris Presitdge,

Dress: BCBG

Earrings and Bracelet: J.Crew

Heels: Tony Bianco

Bag: Erika Lynn Handmade