5 Fun Ways to Work Off that Christmas Feast

1. Play touch football with the extended family... or round up some neighbors. Wear old yucky clothes.... The more grass stains the better! Ladies... get involved too... and don't go easy on the guys... Go for the knees and take em down! LOL

2. Break out the video games or virtual reality goggles that were all packaged up nice and perrrrrty under the tree. Tennis, bowling, or my favorite... dancing!! Clap... clap... Criss cross... Hands in the air... Now stomp! LOL 

3. Sign up for a race. More and more cities are holding 5K's like the traditional "Turkey Trot" races that happen across the USA on Thanksgiving Day. If there isn't one in the days surrounding Christmas in your area... sign up for a race even if it's 6 weeks down the track. It will give you a goal and time to properly train.

4. Spend a little bit of that Christmas cash you got in your stocking... Go to the mall and buy a new pair of running shoes or a cute workout outfit. The better you look... the better ya feel and vice versa! New threads or kicks may motivate you to hit the gym or pound some pavement... And get in gear for those New Year's fitness resolutions.

5. Go on a long walk around your hood and have another good look at all the Christmas decorations. They will be coming down soon. Tear. ;-)