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Exercise After Childbirth, When is it Safe to Start?

Baby Brooks has just turned 9 months old. I am feeling good about the progress I have made and want to help you too! I have very careful to train correctly and not do too much too soon in an effort to get my body back. I did a lot of research. And what I found, is that in the early stages, what we need more than anything else is REST! Think about what our bodies have just been through. It’s strange to think about childbirth as an injury or trauma. But in many ways that’s what our body has been through. It is an incredible phenomenon isn’t it? There is nothing I am more proud of physically doing more than childbirth. Not the New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, triathlons, etc. No way. This takes the cake. So hats off to all of you women out there who have been through it or want to go through it!

I am going to spend a lot of time on my blog talking about women’s fitness and how to get where we want to be emotionally and physically post-baby. It is a tough road. But I found ways to make it fun. I want to share them with you.

In the meantime, I want you to take a listen to the interview below about postnatal fitness. When is it time return to which exercises? How can we tell? We don’t want to wheeee ourselves accidentally do we?! We don’t want to make our abs separation and pelvic floor damage worse do we!? Do we need to see a specialist of some sort? So many questions swirling in our minds about getting our body and independence back. But with all the time we need to spend nurturing our bubs, how do we find time to research? How do we find time to put in the effort? I am making this my mission. I am here to help. There is a TON of great content on in both the fitness and motherhood/baby tabs. Be sure to check them out after you watch the video below! Dr. Jill Gamberg shares her top tips for getting back into fitness after having a baby, the SAFE way.

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15 Tips To Make and KEEP Fitness Goals... Advice From Top Trainers

 It's always tough to make and keep fitness goals and resolutions if we don't have a proper plan in place. If you're having a hard time... wait! Don't throw in the towel! Time may get away from us, our co-workers may bring in their leftover holiday goodies, our kids may need extra attention... That's life. Life happens! But don't waste the effort you've made so far. Don't feel like a failure just because you fell off the wagon. Get up!... Let's stand up together... dust our shoulders off... Let's get back on... and try it again. Hit. It. Don't. Quit. It. 

How can we keep our fitness resolutions? For the answers... I have interviewed several top instructors from organizations I have found some my own fitness success. Their advice is awesome. Take a look!

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Exhale Promises to Make You Booty-licious

If you watch a barre class from afar... some of the movements seem so small... you wonder how the participants could consider these tiny wiggles and raises exercise. But if you are the one taking the class... you know that the small, intentional movements start to B-U-R-N quite quickly! Often your legs, arms, abs, or buns are screaming the next day! At least mine are! While living in New York City I spent a lot of time trying barre classes at different boutique fitness studios... on the hunt for the cream of the crop! One of my favorites is Exhale Spa.

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Soul Cycle: Ride Your Bike Like You Live Your Life

"Ride your bike like you live your life!" It's just one of the many inspirational quotes you'll hear from instructors during Soul Cycle classes. The boutique fitness studio chain has a cult following. And I must admit... I have been bitten by the Soul Cycle bug too. Students ride to the beat of the music by candlelight. Among their fans... instructors have rockstar status... and if ya just take a look... rock hard bodies too! ;-) I'm happily an advocate for em... and have been telling anyone who will listen about the 'tap it back' syndrome I've been suffering from... for several years now! LOL 

Classes are typically 45 minutes long. Most of the time students are in perfect unison... dancing along to the pumping playlists... meticulously designed and choreographed by instructors. Each class also includes one song for a weighted toning section. Students use one to five pound weights and do overhead presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, rows, etc... Again all choreographed to the beat of the music. It's so much F-U-N!

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5 Fun Ways to Work Off that Christmas Feast

1. Play touch football with the extended family... or round up some neighbors. Wear old yucky clothes.... The more grass stains the better! Ladies... get involved too... and don't go easy on the guys... Go for the knees and take em down! LOL

2. Break out the video games or virtual reality goggles one of your family members had all packaged up nice and perrrrrty under the tree. Tennis, bowling, or my favorite... dancing!! Clap... clap... Criss cross... Hands in the air... Now stomp! LOL 

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Blast Fat in 20 Seconds Flat! Is Tabata for Real?

In a word... Yes! Tabata is for real. And yes you can lose weight 20 seconds at a time. It's become a real fitness buzzword. You've probably seen it on the cover of a lot of magazines lately. So what is it? And why are some folks trying it out... but not reaping the rewards?  

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Anna Kooiman Fitness Philosophy

I am excited to share my passion for fitness with pretty much anyone who will listen! I love group exercise and at one point was teaching up to 10 classes a week under my AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) certification. 

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