Blast Fat in 20 Seconds Flat! Is Tabata for Real?

In a word... Yes! Tabata is for real. And yes! You can lose weight 20 seconds at a time. It's become a real fitness buzzword. You've probably seen it on the cover of a lot of magazines lately. So what is it? And why are some folks trying it out... but not reaping the rewards?

Tabata is essentially a crazy... I mean cray cray... intense workout. It's 20 seconds of work... 10 seconds of rest... 8 times... For a total of 4 minutes.

Anna Kooiman Pushups on Bondi Beach Rocks


Where did this science based workout come from? Professor Izumi Tabata came up with the most efficient training program for Japanese Olympic speed skaters to work on their aerobic and anaerobic training simultaneously. He put athletes thru multiple sprint type activities... and after a lot of testing... this Tabata method was born. I asked New York Sports Club master trainer, Edem Tsakpoe about why Tabata training is so popular right now. "Tabata is good workout style to use in training primarily because it taxes and develops both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems of the body. It can be used to target specific muscles groups or used to do a full body workout. Tabata is also time efficient because it’s efficacy relies on doing bouts exercise involving 20 seconds of exertion and 10 seconds of rest for 4 minute intervals."

If you want to try it out... that 20 seconds of work could be burpees... box jumps... pull-ups... squat jumps.. etc. It just has to be as hard as you can... and as fast as you can. To the point where you are practically looking for someone to come give you CPR. haha Or you think  the timer you're watching so intently... is broken. And then the rest is just that... REST. Don't do anything... it's not a working recovery. It is a sit there and count your blessings for 10 seconds that you aren't working your A$$ off. Get your mind right to do it again. Super speed... double time... triple time.... whatever you want to call it but those 20 seconds have to be insane.  The reasons loads of folks say Tabata isn't working for them? They are not working the way they are meant to... and they are not resting the way they are meant to.

Tabata training can get amazing results but it can get monotonous... and if you're actually working as hard as you're supposed to... you may lose count of your rounds. I have found a great app you may want to check out. I have used Tabata Pro for years. And just recently I picked it back up... doing pushups along the coastal walk here in Bondi Beach. I'll take a 4 minute 'break' from walking/running to get in my 8 rounds. So good! And the app is free. So why not give it a whirl and lemme know what ya think?